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February 2015


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Our mission is Breeding Exceptional Quality German Shepherd Puppies of German Lineage. We place pups 8 to 12 wks of age with Heavy Bone Structure, Masculine Heads, Excellent Temperament with very rich color & markings. We specialize in deep mahogany reds, and solid blacks, difficult to find! AKC registered-shots-worming & guarantee. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! 

Along with the magnificent and powerful look to the Long Haired German Shepherd, our focus continues to be on Health, Longevity & Temperament.

 Whether you're looking for the most beautiful pet you have ever owned or prospecting for your next dog willing to work and protect, let our expertise be of service to you.

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All puppies come with AKC registration and FULL WRITTEN WARRANTY

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I've been training and breeding German Shepherds for 22 years. My focus is on the German lines and continue to improve my puppy breeding program as the years pass.

In terms of color, I produce black & Red (Mahogany red) pups, Solid black puppies, and black & tan. I have a newer love in the DDR Lined German Shepherds and will be adding black sable to my line.

I do have plush coated puppies and long coated puppies, or long haired pups.

I have a fine appreciation for the long coated German Shepherd. The long coat, or "coat" gene is a double recessive gene, meaning both parents must at least carry the gene to produce it. This gives me complete control over what coat or combination of coat lengths I produce. This, by no means, takes away from their German lineage, their trainablitiy, or their incredible temperaments. The SV, in GERMANY, ACCEPTED long coats in Spring 2010. We're just waiting for AKC to follow suit, in terms of "showing". The long haired German Shepherds have a stunning, majestic, and powerful look to them and a look that has taken a huge place in my heart.
I routinely get asked if a German Shepherd will be good with children. My kids have grown up with German Shepherds and my oldest daughter, now 14, started training her first puppy, in obediance, at the age of 6!

Here is a picture of her working an East German Working Line Solid Black female German Shepherd named Taevin. There is also a VIDEO of her working her dog as well.

This is a good example of what we do with our dogs. We don't just mass produce puppies, we invest a great deal of time and effort in our German Shepherds.

We have a large 4200 square foot building set up for our dogs and the kids. It remains an immense pleasure to work these magnificiant dogs. I can firmly say, there will never be a day of my life without my German Shepherd friends.
Another pic of Madison training her German Shepherd at a club warehouse, scent detection, at the age of 9!

Wonder what's AVAILABLE? Call us at 330-602-6800
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Located in Mineral City, Ohio

I do NOT place with kennel breeders, no exceptions. NO BREEDING RIGHTS.

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  • My oldest daughter has been training dogs a long while. She is now 14.
    My oldest daughter has been training dogs a long while. She is now 14.


Please Call JANIE @ 330-602-6800 for more information on our pups.


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